Tilda Reads


Tilda is from Sweden,  she is the 1st year science student at a gymnasium, although now she is going to add photography

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How and why did you get to creating your Instagram profile with books?

I do not really remember how I started using Instagram mainly for bookish posts. For a long time, I had the account both as a DIY inspiration and some fandom posts. At some point I came across a monthly challenge with books, which I tried. Since then I have just gradually started adding photos with book.

What does it look like "behind the cover"?

Basically, it's a mess. (laugh) I get a bedsheet and put it on the floor in our living room as there is the best lighting. Then just imagine a lot of books on the floor, a very frustrated me, and about one good photo for every ten I take. I like to try out different angles and make small adjustments to the layout, so I don't think I'll ever take only one photo and be happy with it. It's a really time-consuming procedure once you add the editing and tidying. But I love it.

I think the secret is not to look too much at the likes.

Can you predict which photo will get more likes than another? Or is it rather random?

Sometimes I have a feeling that a photo will do well or, on the contrary, "worst". Or I think it will get more likes than usual, but it actually ends up with way less! So after all, I would say it is quite random.

Is there some secret for getting likes?

If there is, I have never discovered it. To be completely honest, I think the secret is not to look too much at the likes. Although I still need to work on that, I believe that once you realize you do it because you simply love it, and not for the likes. And that is exactly when your photography will shine and probably it will get the most likes. Which sounds like a such cliché, yet, it is true. (laugh)

Just imagine a lot of books on the floor, a very frustrated me, and about one good photo for every ten I take.

Do you own all the books you post on your Instagram?

I own most of them, which is awesome as I love to own books. Not quite as awesome for my wallet, though. I have started to read more Swedish books, which means I can get them from the local library. So there are a few photos of books which are not mine, although they are not many.

What is your favourite book and why?

I actually have an answer for this one, which I know is not that common. My favourite book is I'll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson. When I read the story (which was over a year and a half ago, but still) I immediately fell in love with it. I love how the plot is made of two completely different stories. And the way in which they are woven into each other, although they take place three years apart, is perfect! Definitely worth of reading!

How many books do you read per month/year?

I try to read one book per week, so four books every month. If my school does not get crazy, then it is usually manageable, but lately it's not been that easy. Hopefully I will catch up so I will reach my goal of 52 read books in this year.

What is on your reading list? Any good tips for the upcoming spring?

I cannot wait to read the upcoming book called The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich, which sounds super interesting. I'm also planning on reading The Secret History by Donna Tartt, and Heartless by Marissa Meyer. Oh, and recently I got the Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo so I am really excited to dive back into the Grishaverse!