Marta Wlodarczyk is from Kielce, Poland (but on her recommendation, visit beautiful Tatra mountains); she studies English at a university

Link to her Instagram and Youtube

What do you do/study and how/why did you get to creating your Instagram profile with books?

My bookstagram was just natural component of my blog about books. I had a Facebook page and Twitter account, so why not Instagram? Books were obvious theme for me.

What does it look like "behind the cover"?

I am not fully satisfied with my bookstagram because I lack consistency. I mean, when I look at my bookish friends' feeds and how pretty and coherent they are, I know I cannot do it in the same way. Believe me, I tried... (laugh) So my feed is a bit chaotic as you may see. I edit my photos in the app Snapseed, but all I do is adding some brightness and contrast. Sometimes I also use VSCO to add some nice filter. So overall, it is just a basic edition, nothing fancy. I have a lot to learn about taking good photos for my Instagram.

Can you predict which photo will get more likes than another? Or is it rather random?

Well, I do not think it is random. In my case, most likes always get photos with Harry Potter book on it! (laugh) And to be serious now, I think that popular books, the ones which are hyped get the most likes. Also, if you add a picture with many books on it, like a pile of books you have better chance to get more likes. This is what I noticed from my own bookstagram experience, but I am very curious if the other people feel the same.

In my case, most likes always get photos with Harry Potter book on it!  

Is there some secret for getting likes?

If there is, please let me know! (laugh) I always use some hashtags like #bookstagram or #igbooks, but that is pretty much all. I noticed that people are more engaged when you add some nice caption like "I'm currently reading an amazing book (...) have you guys read it yet?". I mean, when you write something about the book or your day, and add a question to your followers, they are more eager to comment and like the photo. So my advice would be to have a conversation with your followers.

Do you own all the books posted on your Instagram?

Most of them are mine, but I do not mind when a certain book is borrowed. I love libraries and I used to go to them at least twice a week, but now I have so many books which I have not read yet that I do not need to go to the library anymore! I hope some of you have the same problem - buying too much!

Enjoy the weather and read outside!

What is your favourite book and why?

My answer to this kind of question is always the same. Harry Potter series is my all-time favourite, because it is my whole childhood. I'm almost 24 now so I grew up along with Harry, Ron and Hermione, I was waiting impatiently for another book in the series to be published, and then I read it in a day or two. My father did the same, we often had small fights about who is going to read it first. Although, I was always the winner, obviously! (laugh) But besides Harry Potter, I love some English classics like Jane Eyre or The Picture of Dorian Gray. And I am obsessed with The Book Thief by Markus Zusak! I also really enjoy young/new adult literature and my favourite so far is Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover.

Books were obvious theme for me.  

How many books do you read per month/year?

It's never the same number, but I read about 70 books per year. Some year more, some year less, but let's say that seventy is the average.

What is on your reading list? Any good tips for the upcoming spring?

Definitely too many books! I have no idea when I will be able to read all the books I want to read. But for now, my top 5 are - A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara - It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover - Inwigilacja by Remigiusz Mroz )this one is Polish) - ACOTAR by Sarah J. Maas - Making Faces by Amy Harmon.

As for spring... Enjoy the weather and read outside!