La Tereza


Tereza is from Prague, Czech Republic. She works as a freelance copywriter - she writes texts for the websites, articles for companies' blogs and takes care of her clients' social medias. 

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How did you get to creating your Instagram account with books?

It happened in July 2016. I was constantly adding photos with books to my personal Instagram account, so I decided to create an account dedicated only to them. But the other day I deleted the personal account as sometimes I was posting on my bookstagram, without adding anything to the personal account for weeks. So now I have only one Instagram account where I share all my books. And as I read more and more, I have enough stuff to post there.

How does it look like behind the screen?

Quite often it looks rather comically. Books are great as photographic objects - they stay where you put them. However, I also regularly take photos with books AND my dog, and we often fight together! (laugh) He has learned to have a patience with me, but sometimes he is not in the mood so I have to bribe him with crackers. I put them around a book and he happily gets into the shot! (laugh) Or I have to make faces on him so he looks in to the camera. Like with a kid!

Books are great as photographic objects.

A funny story happened to me the other day. I was taking a photo of myself, reading in a bath. It is more difficult that it might look. You have a very limited space, you need to make it look like a normal photo, not like some porn, plus make yourself look somehow decent. And as I was trying to do all of that, suddenly both the book and my phone fell into the water! Luckily, I managed to catch both of them with my breast. I was drying my phone for two days in a bowl full of rise, which meant no Instagram for 48 hours. The book still has slightly wavy pages, but nothing horrible. I am not a control freak about my books, on the contrary, I prefer when they look like someone actually reads them!

Can you predict which photo will get more likes than the other? Or is it rather random?

Recently it has been pretty stable. But as I found out, more popular are definitely the photos with my husky dog Risa or with me. That is a nice thing to learn, to be fair. But it also depends on the use of hashtags. So for example, if I post a photo including my dog, I add dog hashtags so the photo gets to a broader spectrum of people. Or when I am in a photo, I add hashtags like #selfitime or #legselfie or #tattoo, if I manage to capture my tattoo as well. These always work. Although sometimes I get messages from weirdos, commenting my legs... In addition to that, it really matters when you post your photo. What I put on Instagram in the late evening will never get the same amount of likes as the photos posted in the morning or afternoon!

Do you own every book you post on Instagram?

All of the books are mine. I have a tendency to hoard books and I hate reading books which I cannot put into my library after! Plus, sometimes I write some notes right inside a book, or mark pages instead of using bookmarks, which I could not do with borrowed books. I also have some of the books from the second hand bookshops. But the best second hand bookshops are the libraries of my mom and grandma. I always pretend that I am only borrowing their books but I never actually return them!

I have a tendency to hoard books and I hate reading books which I cannot put into my library after!

What is your favourite book and why?

The Little Prince. I know that it sounds like a such a cliché, plus every second person says it is his favourite book, but I cannot help myself. Firstly, I have been in love with the book since the primary school, secondly it got me together with my boyfriend, for which I am incredibly grateful!

But to look a little bit more serious, I will mention some books which I read in the last three months. One Day by David Nicholls, Tender is the Night by Fitzgerald and My Brilliant Friend by Elene Ferranta. I recommend all of these!

I also love the writer Erich Maria Remarque and during the last year I have started reading Czech contemporary literature. And also, have a look on Nordic non-criminal fiction! They write, quite often slightly weird, books like no one else.

I was drying my phone for two days in a bowl full of rise, which meant no Instagram for 48 hours!

How many books do you read per year?

Last year I read 52 books. But now it is already April and so far I have read more than 20. So maybe this year I could end up with a bigger number.

What is on your reading list?

Judas by Amos Oz is slightly more philosophical reading, which I love! And I also recommend the book Americanah by Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. It is great!