About Me

I am from the Czech Republic (so, please, excuse my occasional grammar errors), but I studied MA English and French at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland and, more recently, MA New Media & Digital Culture at the university in Amsterdam. I started the blog as a way of leaving my comfort zone, as the first phase of getting out again - going more to coffee shops (not the Dutch version of a coffee shop though), hanging out with my friends, and, mainly, leaving the safety of my bedroom. Three years later I still use this online space as a place where I share my passion for books, reviews and interviews, reading as well as podcast tips, and some opinions.

Also, it is going to be a mix of Czech and English... Hope that's okay with you! 

I have been also publishing articles in Czech on a literary blog 89 Publishers, so - pro všechny mé české čtenáře, můžete si je přečíst tady.

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