This time about coffee shops, bookshops, street art and architecture!

Of course that I have to start with food and books. If you are in Brussels, definitely go to Leopold Café, which is near to Cinquantenaire, the Belgian Arc of Triumph. If you sit outside, you can enjoy a wonderful view on the Arc and beautiful old buildings around you. Don't forget to try traditional "frites". The best I have tried so far are in Flagey, in a small stand in the middle of the square, called rather originally Frites Flagey. Oh and once you are there, go to Café Belga, one of the most famous bars in Brussels. Café de la Presse is a coffee shop near to my university, and although it is not right in the city center, get on tram no. 93 and it should take you no more than 30 minutes to get there from the city center. But if it seems too far away, head to another original place serving coffee, Café du Sablon. My last tip (for now) is Or Espresso Bar (yes, it starts with "Or", that is not a typo), located almost opposite Bourse. They serve my beloved avocado toast and one of few good lattés in the town. Believe me, I have never tasted more burned milk in my coffee than in Brussels!

Bookshops! So far I am still waiting for a Belgian version of my beloved place in London, Libreria. But today I went to Passa Porta, an international house of literature. They sell both French and Dutch literature alongside with English books. Which means that I bought not only two French books, but also British classic Jane Austen. And most importantly, 24.- 26. 03. 2017, they are organizing Passa Porta Festival of Literature with more or less famous French and Belgian writers, including my beloved French writer Annie Ernaux. Can't wait to go and share some details with you!

Last but not least, street art! I have to say that after first three weeks of my Erasmus in Brussels, thanks to the weather it feels like I am basically back in Scotland. So far it has been rainy and windy (yesterday the wind broke a tree next to our flat). Therefore, if time to time sun decides to peek out, it's my turn to get out of the coffee shops and start exploring! Once you are in the city centre, just walk around and don't forget to keep your eyes open as you are in the city of famous comic books. If you like Tintin or Lucky Luck, look up and you might see them painted on the walls of buildings. I am also in love with the architecture. To admire some of the finest buildings in the city, head to Place Royale. Here, you can find more than four museums (Musée Magritte, Museum of Music, Musée Belvue, or Royal Museums of Fine Art) and you come along to a beautiful view on the city.

Next time more in detail about museums, beer and waffles.