Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks - release 17th October '17 - Tom Hanks is one of my favourite actors. So since I found out that he is realising a collection of short stories the book has become my no. 1 most expected release of this autumn. Seventeen stories of people living their everyday lives, finding and loosing love, Hanks goes underneath the surface of friendships, family and fears. Sounds good to me. What do you think?

The Success and Failure of Picasso by John Berger - release 7th September '17 - Berger's books educate you about art, yet while you are reading them they are not boring like history books back from your high school. On the contrary, he knows how to present the topic with ease so you will want to find out more about it (try his book Ways of Seeing). Although his title on Picasso was published way back in 1965, Penguin Random House just released its new edition. In my case I like to learn something new while reading, so I cannot wait to find out something about Picasso's social, historical and political background.

Notes of a Native Son by James Baldwin - release 2nd November '17 - Once again, Baldwin's essays collection was published back in the 20th century, however there is going to be a new edition released in the beginning of November. Talking about Harlem, movies, and his experience of Paris, you should not miss this important voice of the 20th century. That reminds me, try his book Giovanni's Room. One of my favourite one discovered through my English studies at the university.

Origin by Dan Brown - release 3rd November '17 - I know that some people are not massive fans of Brown's manipulation with history facts. I am not this case. Whenever I want to read something interesting yet not difficult to follow, I reach for his books. Origin is going to be the fourth book in his series about professor Langdon. Ready to explore Barcelona with him and his new female sidekick, Ambra Vidal?

the sun and her flowers by Rupi Kaur - release 3rd November '17 - Kaur's collection of poetry caused a little sensation and people from all around the world have been reading it and posting about it on their social medias (by the way, that is how Kaur got discovered - she was posting her first poems on Instagram, therefore she is called an Insta-poet). Her second collection is thus highly anticipated. This time she will take you on a journey of wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming.

Turtles All the Way Down by John Green - release 10th November '17 - I have never been Green's big fan. But his famous novel The Fault in Our Stars was the first book I have ever read entirely in English, so he has a special place in my heart. The story will be once again about family, love, maturing and sixteen-year olds finding their place in the world. Sounds familiar? Yes, but why not!

Secret Passages in a Hillside Town by Pasi Ilmari Jääskeläinen - release 7th December '17 - People back in my homeland, the Czech Republic, absolutely adore this Finnish writer whose name I am not able to spell without checking it five (okay, seven) times online. My former literature professor from high-school recommended me this story about a publisher whose life will change forever (yes, I love to read about publishers so I guess that is why my professor told me about the book). While waiting for its release, reach for Jääskeläinen's successful book The Rabbit Back Literature Society about a book club that is not what it looks like...