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Greetings from Brussels

This time about coffee shops, bookshops, street art and architecture!

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London, Baby

Some lovely places, museums, restaurants and streets you should not miss while you are in London. 

Scroll down to read about 21 things I have learned in 21 years of my life and have a look on the reading list for summer...

A cup of inspiration...

21 things I've learned from 21 years of my life


Hello everyone! Today it is my birthday and I decided that it would be interesting to write down some ideas, positives and inspiration which I've come across in last 21 years. Do you have your own list? Actually, it was really funny creating one, so maybe try it as well to see what you would put there.

  1. listen to music when I'm in the shower (in the kitchen, in the living room, in my bedroom; but never in the streets, streets have their own music)
  2. always check if my new flatmate is not pregnant (don't ask why this is on my list) and assure that my contract has break clauses
  3. I don't put on weight if I eat a pack of crisps at 11pm (unless this becomes a new eating habit)
  4. drinking alcohol before a family lunch (so at 11am) with all my super old relatives around me is usually not a good idea (only if you get drunk with your cousin, when it's more than one, it doesn't look so bad)
  5. don't be ashamed for my music style and my dancing moves
  6. never ever (!!!) use my phone when I'm drunk - because no matter how good idea it looks like during my drunkenness, I'll never see it the same way once I sober up
  7. siblings mean more than it seems, let them know about it
  8. I don't have to be famous by this point (even though it looks like that all other people my age are already outstanding)
  9. it is always better to spend my free time by reading a good book rather than watching a crappy tv show (well, maybe unless I finally get a day off at work after a super busy week, but still, book is always better, right...)
  10. I'm not sure if I'm even able to come up with 21 things I've learned, but I already know that I can't push it, sometimes it's also important to know how to simply wait
  11. songs like 'Listen to the Man' and 'I Got a Name' are my favorites, no matter if I am just heartbroken or madly in love
  12. sometimes it is good to get out of my comfort zone, because then the magic can happen (also, don't be disappointed when no magic comes, sometimes it's important to give it more than one shot)
  13. not everything is just on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat; it's good to keep updated on BBC, The Guardian or The New York Times
  14. and also a fun fact - eating asparagus can influence the smell of urine (now when I think of it, it is not that funny as gross, but I found it really funny the first time when it happened to me!)
  15. don't beat around the bush - at some point, today, tomorrow, in ten years - I will still have to get to the point
  16. which brings me to honesty - try to be honest to myself, to my family, my friends, to everyone; even though sometimes it can get pretty ugly once I am straightforward
  17. when it is sunny outside, get out, go for a walk with your friend, dog, cat, snake or just on my own
  18. besides, don't google details from lives of my celebrity crushes and fantasize about my future life with them
  19. it's nice to let myself to spend some of my earned money - it's called a natural money cycle which means that I can get an extra jumper no matter how many of them are already sitting in my closet
  20. when people of the opposite sex look at me in the steers it doesn't necessarily mean that I have something between my teeth or my skirt is stuck in my tights
  21. wear more colorful clothes and live like life is my dance floor (although sometimes it is easier to say it than actually do it)

Love and kisses. xx          


A cup of a summer reading

  • These Days Are Ours, Michelle Haimoff  =  When Hailey is growing restless with a life of glittering parties, she meets Adrian. He is totally different from her usual crowd but he might just be exactly what she needs.
  • Plain Girl, Arthur Miller  =  Arthur Miller's beautiful account of a quest for personal fulfilment against a background of world crisis.
  • Tales of the Jazz Age, F. Scott Fitzgerald =   Compare to The Great Gatsby, this less known collection of stories by Fitzgerald takes the reader through the turmoil of the early 20th century, the golden jazz age.
  • Naked in Death, J. D. Robb  =  The crime novel set in the future tells a story of Eve Dallas, a New York police officer, hunting for ruthless murderers and falling in love with an Irish billionaire.


  • Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn  =  A debut novel of this world-wide recognized author of the bestseller Gone Girl recounts a story of a young journalist coming back home to face both her shadows of the past and new threats of the present and future.
  • Labyrinth, Kate Mosse  =  Two different storylines follow Alais (from the year 1209) and Alice (in 2005) whose lives are linked more than either of them realizes. The historical fiction relies on real events such as the Crusade in Occitania or the massacre at Béziers which only enhance the impressive atmosphere of the story.
  • The Son, Jo Nesbø  =  Sonny, a model young prisoner listens to confessions of his other inmates. But when one days he hears that his entire life was a lie, he decides to make pay responsible people for the death of his disgraced father.